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Why Executivia?

The way in which talented individuals market themselves has changed exponentially within the last few years.


We at Executivia believe that there is space on the market for an executive search service which properly understands these changing dynamics and which has the energy and capability to:

  • embrace new trends including new media

  • tap into new sources of talent and new ways of uncovering that talent

  • deliver long-term recruitment solutions that satisfy both clients and candidates alike

We listen.

As simple as it may sound but it is often easily ignored by other executive search providers. Understanding a client’s specific needs is crucial to finding the right fit for their organisation. This means not simply a detailed job description, but also a thorough analysis of the skill set needed and proper consideration for company culture.

We scour the market.

Executivia partners and their research teams cover a range of nationalities, language capabilities and professional experience. Each partner has areas of expertise but also an exceptionally wide network of contacts to tap in to in order to find and place exactly the right candidate.

We recommend.

Our reputation depends on our judgement and we will not introduce a candidate to a client unless we are already thoroughly convinced of their exceptional suitability for the position.

We follow through with our promises.

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships with our clients. We are not interested in making a “quick buck” (or Crown or Euro) but in helping our clients to find the people capable of adding real net value to their businesses. This means that we stay in touch and make sure that the candidates we place continue to meet our clients’ expectations both in the short-term and long after the honeymoon period has passed.

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